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The Mountain Mixer started in 2022 by Anna Frentress. Her goal with these Mountain Mixers is to bring the community together to shop and network, while also enjoying delicious food and drinks. The mixers are an exclusive event that occurs seasonally in Grand County, CO. Small businesses all come together and offer incredible discounts and prices for an elevated attendee experience. Some businesses include local medspa, boutiques, coffee shops, makers/creators and more. 

Anna is a Grand County local and has a passion for giving back to the community. As most of you know, Grand County has so many talented artists and makers, small businesses and people that love getting together and supporting one another. Because we are still a small community, there is not a lot of events like the Mountain Mixers to give back and get together to laugh, shop, meet new people and maybe even enjoy a couple of yummy cocktails.

As the host, the mixers are the highlight of Anna's year. She hopes to continue to do these seasonally (except for mud season haha) Cheers to many more mixers, lots of laughs and supporting our small businesses. There really is nothing better than that.



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